ANI collections:  Organic Handmade Soaps and Whipped Shea Body Butter.

Our Story: As a practicing Social Work Professional/Administrator of Behavioral Health and a retired higher education Social Work Professor and Administrator, I was compelled to develop a "touch point" by influencing the physical and wellbeing of women and families through aromatherapy, thus improving one aspect of their mental wellness through stress reduction and natural skin conditioning. 

The Name ANI: ANI is an ancient African name that means "Ornament, Beautiful!" I named the business after my daughter; ANI and my granddaughter middle name; ANI! To my mother, a retired RN Nurse Practitioner; Annie, who embodied the importance of beautiful healthy skin...

Dr. Kim Finch Kareem




KUMASI Men's Limited Edition 

Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood, Lemon and Orange Essential Oils.